The Importance of High-Fiber Diets

Posted on 19 Oct 2020 in Our Food

The Importance of High-Fiber Diets

Posted on 19 Oct 2020 in Our Food

Everything You Need to Know About High-Fiber Diets

Did you know most North American adults only consume around 15g of fiber per day, while experts recommend eating 25-35g?

Dietary fiber is important for our digestive health and to keep bowel movements regular. Fiber also helps you feel full for longer, can improve cholesterol, and can stabilize blood sugar. It may even help prevent some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and bowel cancer.

Making sure you have the appropriate amount of fiber in your diet is very important. Just remember that if you want to increase your fiber intake, you’ll want to take it slow and drink plenty of water. Adding more fiber than you are used to may result in spending a lot of time in the restroom!

Fruit, vegetables, and grains are the best sources of different types of fiber. We make sure to add plenty of healthy ingredients like these in the meals we create so that seniors get the fiber they need in their diets.

It’s best to eat the fruits and vegetables themselves rather than drinking them as juices. Though many people believe they can obtain sufficient fiber through fruit and vegetable juices, the fact is that there is no fiber in commercially-prepared juice. Instead of drinking that glass of apple juice, we encourage seniors to eat apple slices or apple sauce instead.

And our favorite high-fiber meal? We love the delicious Homestyle Meatloaf! It comes with a deliciously savory mushroom gravy with a hint of red wine, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Try it now:

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