New Special Diets: Diabetic Diet, Renal Diet, and Heart Healthy

Posted on 07 Apr 2023 in Our Food

New Special Diets: Diabetic Diet, Renal Diet, and Heart Healthy

Posted on 07 Apr 2023 in Our Food

Heart to Home Meals is excited to announce the launch of three new special diets: Diabetic Diet, Renal Diet, and Heart Healthy. We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and suggestions, and these new diets are a result. At Heart to Home Meals, we are committed to providing seniors with delicious and nutritious food—these special diets enable us to continue this mission.

In order to determine the criteria for our special diets, we received guidance from a registered dietician. Before beginning a special diet, always be sure to check with your doctor about your dietary needs.


Diabetic Diet: 

Diabetes is a disease where the body doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use it well, and that affects how food is turned into energy. With a diabetic diet, carbohydrates are kept at a consistent amount at each meal, allowing blood sugar to stay in a safe range. Saturated fat and sodium should also be limited due to their adverse effects on the heart. It is also important to eat dietary fiber from vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

Our Diabetic Diet meals contain: 30-60g carbohydrates, 7g or less saturated fat, 5g or more fiber, 700mg or less sodium. To view our Diabetic Diet meals, click here.


Renal Diet:

A Renal friendly diet is important for those who suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  Healthy kidneys are essential in maintaining a proper volume of body fluids and removing toxins. On a renal diet, doctors recommend limiting sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Limiting sodium helps control blood pressure and swelling, which prevents kidney damage. Potassium and phosphorus are difficult minerals for the kidney to filter, especially in late stages of CKD.

Our Renal Diet meals contain: 600mg or less of sodium, 700mg or less of potassium and 250mg or less of phosphorus. To view our Renal Diet meals, click here.


Heart Healthy:

There are many factors that can impact heart health, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. Like the Diabetic and Renal Diets, limiting sodium is important to control blood pressure.  While cholesterol in low amounts helps the body to build cells and make vitamins, unhealthy amounts can narrow the arteries or form blood clots.

Our Heart Healthy meals contain: 600mg or less sodium, 60mg or less cholesterol, 1g or less saturated fat per 100g. To view our Heart Healthy meals, click here.




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