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Image of Low Saturated Fat diet coding

Low Saturated Fat

These items contain 1g or less of saturated fat per 100g and less than 10% of calories from saturated fat.

Image of Low Calorie diet coding

Low Calorie

These items contain 120 calories or less per 100g.

Image of Low Sodium diet coding

Low Sodium

These items contain 140mg or less of sodium per 100g.

Image of High Fiber diet coding

High Fiber

These items contain 5.6g of fiber or more per serving.

Image of Vegetarian diet coding


These items contain no meat. However, they may contain milk, cheese and eggs.

Image of Diabetic Diet diet coding

Diabetic Diet

These meals contain: 30-60g carbohydrates, 5g or more fiber, 700mg or less sodium.

Image of Renal Diet diet coding

Renal Diet

These meals contain: 600mg or less sodium, 700mg or less potassium, 250mg or less phosphorus.

Image of Heart Healthy diet coding

Heart Healthy

These meals contain: 600mg or less sodium, 60mg or less cholesterol, 3g or less saturated fat, and 9g or less total fat.

Made Without image

Made Without

This term shows that an ingredient is not deliberately used in a recipe. Whilst we take care to avoid any accidental inclusion, very small amounts could be present.

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