4 Senior-Friendly Travel Destinations

4 Senior-Friendly Travel Destinations

Posted on 15 Aug 2023 in Other

Our senior years have been dubbed, “The Golden Years,” and with good reason. It’s a time when many pack it in (as in their jobs) and pack up, jetting off to see the beauty of the world, discovering new cultures, and delighting in delicious cuisines. The health benefits of travel are many (reduced risk of depression, renewed enthusiasm, to name a few), and as a senior, you can plan your dream vacation that aligns with your budget, interests, and physical abilities. That said, here are four senior-friendly spots, ones that provide the perfect balance of relaxation and activities, making them top travel destinations for seniors.


Alaska is a majestic state that’s high on many travelers’ bucket lists. Perfect for seniors, it offers something for everyone, from the relaxed sightseer to the outdoor adventure seeker.  Alaska is home to breathtaking scenery – jaw dropping waterfalls, over 20,000 glaciers, soaring mountain peaks – and a habitat for wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose, whales, and sea otters.

How to take in these natural wonders? Cruises along the Alaskan coast are popular ways to enjoy the land and seascapes. Cruising through port towns such as Juneau and Skagway, your Alaskan experience is complete with accessible accommodations and activities that cater to senior travelers. Another way to enjoy the wilderness without having to be in peak physical condition is on a train that travels from Anchorage – sit under a glass-domed train roof and marvel at outstanding views.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe in New Mexico has the title as the oldest state capital in the United States. That said, there are many old and new things alike to discover in this colorful, historic, and welcoming destination. A healthy climate that’s both warm and dry, a compact and walkable downtown area, and a holistic lifestyle all combine to make Santa Fe a popular and magical spot for seniors. Whether you’re enjoying the thriving arts and cultural scene, sampling Southwestern cuisine, or walking among the red rocks and wildflowers, this trip will have you feeling as laid-back as the locals!


In looking at Italy, a country so rich in history and culture, it’s nearly impossible to narrow down the ideal destination for the senior traveler. Wherever you look, there are examples of beauty – Rome’s ancient architecture, Florence’s famous galleries, Venice’s magical canals, the winding roads of the Amalfi coast. Whether you’re looking for sightseeing excursions, hands-on activities, or simply keen to enjoy La Dolce Vita of Tuscan vineyards and Sicilian beaches, the cultural, gastronomic, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities throughout Italy are countless. Arrivederci!

Canadian Rockies

The Canadian landscape that stretches through British Columbia and Alberta, otherwise known as the Canadian Rockies, is perfect for those looking to take in stunning landscapes, breathtaking mountain peaks, glacier-fed lakes, and emerald forests. While there are outdoor activities year-round, including hiking trails, ski slopes, and national parks to discover, there are also less physically intensive ways to take in this beautiful corridor, such as travelling by train. Grab a seat on the Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury rail journey with gourmet food and glass-domed carriages, or investigate the Via Rail routes that link Alberta to British Columbia, complete with photo-worthy vistas.