Cooking Our Food

How To Cook Our Food

Our meals and hot dessert should be cooked from frozen either in a microwave or conventional oven.

Most of our meals take just 8-12 minutes to cook in a microwave, or 35-40 minutes in the oven. Please check the label of the meal for exact cooking instructions.

Our labels are clear and easy to follow. The full ingredients are clearly shown on every meal label with any allergens clearly marked in bold.


We do not advise you defrost our meals or before cooking. Meals are not suitable for reheating once cooked.

Let's Get Cooking

Simply cook, serve, and enjoy. All our meals can be quickly cooked in the microwave or oven and our cold desserts defrost in just a couple of hours.

1. Remove from your freezer

2. Follow the simple cooking instructions on the label

3. Leave to stand for 2 minutes

4. Carefully remove your meal using oven mitts and peel off film lid.

Always ensure you read cooking instructions carefully.