Our Full Range of Meals

Lunch & Dinner

Our main collection of over 90 delicious complete meals, perfect for lunch or dinner.

Hearty Meals

Ideal when you’re especially hungry, these larger meals will satisfy the healthiest of appetites.

Mini Meals

Treat yourself to a tasty snack, or treat these as main courses if you have a smaller appetite.


Save the best for the last: hot and cold treats, custards, cakes and more to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Easy Order Bundles

Get set for the week with one of our easy order bundles and enjoy a selection of Chef's favorites


Perfect for lunch or even as a snack, our savory soups are sure to warm you up and keep you full.

Customer Favorites

Can't decide which meals to choose? Start with these tasty choices!

New Meals

Our chefs have been hard at work to bring you these delicious meals to try... here you’ll discover our delicious new creations!

Gift Cards

Give the gift of nutrition and well-being with Heart To Home Meals Gift Cards.


Start your day with omelettes, scrambles and other tasty breakfast options.

Special Diets

Low Saturated Fat

These items contain 1g or less of saturated fat per 100g and less than 10% of calories from saturated fat.

Low Calorie

These items contain 120 calories or less per 100g.

Low Sodium

These items contain 140mg or less of sodium per 100g.

High Fiber

These items contain 5.6g of fiber or more per serving.

Diabetic Diet

These meals contain: 30-60g carbohydrates, 7g or less saturated fat, 5g or more fiber, 700mg or less sodium.

Renal Diet

These meals contain: 600mg or less sodium, 700mg or less potassium, 250mg or less phosphorus.


These items contain no meat. However, they may contain milk, cheese and eggs.

Heart Healthy

These meals contain: 600mg or less sodium, 60mg or less cholesterol, 1g or less saturated fat per 100g.